Welcome to "Joliet Renamer", a tiny Perl script for the Linux/Unix environment.

First, I'm sorry, but even though I have "suitable" Linux shell accounts, I've been unable to convince CVS to upload the proper PERL file. So I'm putting it here. (Click here to download jolietrenamerv1.pl)

"Jolietrenamer" is a tiny - but hopefully, useful - Perl script that takes the garbage out of all subdirectory- and filenames from a given start directory. It renames them to tidy a-z, 0-9, and "_.-" names which are never longer than 62 characters. Excessive errorchecking is done before the actual renaming takes place - for instance, if a similar file already exists on your harddisk, a counter will be appended to the filename.

This tool is already pretty useful for Newsgroups- and MP3-leechers alike. With a few improvements, it could be used to produce MSDOS "8.3" style names and directories, which you probably need in order to produce MSDOS Boot-CDs.
NEW: Version 1.2 is out. Works just fine. Get it from the main sourceforge site.

Suggestions? E-mail : antitrack@x-mail.net .

Click here to download the source code